Uses of Tamil Panchangam 2015 Hindu Calendar

panchangamPanchangam is Hindu Vedic Calendar computed by respective scholars in that field. The Ancient Indian Panchang is available online over the internet along with the Sanskrit & Tamil shlokas. The panchaankam is valid for any language, any race people across any place cities in the world. With panchank one can predict the forthcoming fasting days through the horoscope of the concerned person. Mostly hindu religion festivals are calculate using the tamizh panchang by famous astrologers. There are specialists who forecast accurately and approximately for tamil-panchangam. Know the date and time of Upavasam and Vratams now easily through the online panjangam that too from 19th century. The generated panchangamm is a printable and can print the download pdf panchangam.

In general the Panchangam utilizes the accurate Nasa Ephemeries and Chaitrapaksha Ayanamsha aka Lahiri. There are lot a list of books publications made on the panchangas so far. The official authenticated Panchang astrological calendar is what practised by Hindus. ALl time prediction like hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, annuall or yearly made through any panchangam. Most temples opening and closing event are fixed on the panchangam. With Panchangam one can know the Tithi, Vaara, Nakshatra, Yoga and Karna day of good or bad.

There are different kinds of panchangam like
Tamil panchangam
telugu panchangam
kannada panchangam
malayalam panchangam
hindi panchang
The rashi / rasi palan or Phalalu of all twelve zodiac signs can be known in panchangam. Do you want to know the standing / presiding position benefits then the longitude and latitude is used in panchangam. You can also know the Raaghu Kalam, Yama Gandam, Kuligai, Auspicious Time, Nakshatra Day Flow & Yogam The marriage muhurtham ceremony and reception, first night are computed using Online Panchangam You can get early and sleep according to the time framed for daily sunrise and sunset computed by this.

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